Great Families Happen on purpose…

not by accident!


Define It


Design It


Own It

We help families go from “There has to be a better way” to “This is working” in two weeks (1 video for 14 days)…

… By Getting a Clear Vision, Establishing Values, and a Proven Strategy

01. Define It

Get a clear vision for your family that makes the destination of your intended journey clear and desirable!  Most families have no idea where they are going or how to get there. They are doing what is normal… tired, work, stressed, school, too busy, errands, tv, repeat. Your family you love so much deserves so much more!  Be guided on a proven plan that gets your whole family going to the same destination.

Write personal values that shape how to get to your destination in a life-giving and fun way for the whole family. Your family already has values. They are how you talk, relate, listen, and live your life.  The question is… Are those values there by default or design? 

02. Design It

You will never drift somewhere and be grateful for the destination.  Create a clear map and a robust strategy for your journey to that destination.  Intentional design moments, memories and mile markers in the journey that shape what each person in your family becomes. With your vision and values you won’t have to drift anymore.  Instead you will become one of the great families your kids will stay connected to!  What if your map of how you do family was used in your family for generations to come?

03. Own It

Get proven tools and resources that help you stay on course and keep the journey in front of you. Every journey requires tools to get to where you want to be.  Lets call that your BRAND… Your family brand is what makes your family special and unique.  It is the look, the feel, and way you are.  No one get that on their own.  We have some timeless tools and some we created ourselves that will work for your family!  We will help you get your family brand on paper, on the wall, on your shirt, and on your hearts. Because we have one hope for you…

Become the great family you were meant to be and still can become!

Definitely helped us identify the values we’d like our family to have and practice . Also helped us align our parenting with scripture and raise our children to know the written truth, not that “worldly truth”. Identity was a big one too! It made me realize the importance of having an identity in Christ before anything

Chris & Amanda

It places parenting in order, because many times as parents just like anything can be all over the place. The group helped with different outlooks that we’d never imagine nor think of (i.e. vision statements)

Gordy & Brittney

Being in the parenting group is one of the best things that has happened to our family. Our marriage, our relationship with our children and the way we parent our children has been tremendously different. Our family now has  goals and values that not only guide the way we live, but also guide the way we relate to others. We highly recommend this program not just to young families but to every family that aspire to raise their family in a Christ centered home.

Kayode & Jessica

We will guide you through these steps:

  1. Imagine My Family Brand
  2. Define your Vision
  3. Discover the timeless Pillars
  4. Create your Values
  5. Establish the Culture
  6. Make Great Moments
  7. Parent with Purpose
  8. Own the Strategy

What’s Included:

  1. Access the My Family Brand Master Class (14 videos)
  2. My Family Brand workbook (PDF download)
  3. Free 1st year- My Family Brand Calendar (4- 13 week calendar to personalize for your family)