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Six Fun Date Ideas In Broward

By August 23, 2019Community
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Have you ever gone to plan a date night and been fresh out of ideas?  We would love to help! We came up with six fun ideas for you. We hope these would be fun for you and your special someone!


1. Escape Room

If you have never done an escape room before, they can be loads of fun!  You usually have one hour to complete a series of challenges that lead to you escaping the room.  It is like a massive puzzle. Everyone in the room must work together to complete the challenge. Though the goal is to escape the room, the real goal lies in having fun together! Here are a couple options:


2. Couples Spa Day

So many of us live busy and often stressful lives.  What if you and your spouse got a 60 minute couples massage together to just relax and talk together?  Some great options are available on the Groupon app for under $100. This might just be a great way to pamper you and your special someone a bit and say thank you for all you do.


3. Mai-Kai Polynesian Dinner Show

This could be a great change of pace for the couple that loves entertainment.  It is a blast from the past with food from an award-winning restaurant. Here you can just have fun and have some light conversation over great food and entertainment.  Groupon also has a coupon for less than $50 for a couple including your food!


4. Hollywood Beach

Evenings are finally starting to cool off and every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at 7 there is live music with many different varieties.  As you walk the boardwalk, you can enjoy the wide variety of shops and restaurants while the live music provides outstanding background music. You can also sneak away on the beach to converse on a deeper, more personal level. 


5. Mini Golf

Mini Golf is another fun competition idea. The game is slow paced enough where you can talk while you play.  Remember it is not about winning, but laughing and having fun. This is not an opportunity to destroy your special someone because you are good on the green.  No one likes to be destroyed. So if you are good at golf, you might try to intentionally miss a shot or two. Make sure you celebrate them along the way!


6. Reverse Dinner Date

A Reverse Dinner Date is my favorite idea. This is one you can do at home on a budget. Start by getting the house ready.  Do something to make it special. Get flowers, Christmas lights, candles, and maybe their favorite movie. The idea is this: Start with a great dessert, then dinner (keep it light and put some thought into it), and finish with an appetizer. This one you can do for not much money at all, but the time and thought goes a long way.


I hope this is helpful and you try some fun date ideas. I received a ton of help making this list from friends and family. Starting September 15th we will begin a new teaching series called #RelationshipGoals.  We would love to help you navigate healthy dating and marriage. Relationships are hard, so let’s set some goals together. 


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Brandon Sereg

Lead Pastor 



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