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4 Coffee Shops in Broward You have to Try

By August 11, 2019Community
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Over the past few years my love for coffee and more specifically coffee shops has grown immensely. Maybe it’s because I associate the smell of coffee with productivity or great conversation, or even new beginnings, perhaps it’s that coffee has become a constant for me, linking childhood memories to the present, or maybe it’s the idea of exploring new countries through different flavors.

Whatever the reason, I have dedicated a lot of time to unveil the hidden gems of my local community and there are four that continuously stand out.

1. The Alchemist.

        This bohemian-inspired coffee shop, specifically their location in Wilton Manors, has been tucked away in a luscious tranquil garden, making it feel like a mini tropical getaway.

Known for their laboratory themed workstation, you’ll see a slew of flasks and beakers containing various coffees and teas, while a barista, otherwise known as a “coffee scientist,” concocts your order. Their specialty is their Alchemist Iced Coffee, a brew made in house served with coffee ice cubes to ensure a well-caffeinated experience.

2. Wells Coffee Co.

        Although a recent discovery, it has quickly claimed a spot at the top of my list. Surrounded by murals, in the heart of Flagler Village, I’m not surprised at how many creatives flow in and out in a single day. With the words “drink deeply” encouraging you to not only enjoy one of their house-blends but to stop and take in the moment, this coffee shop has quickly gained the respect of many.

3. BREW Urban Cafe

        The one with a wall lined floor-to-ceiling with books. An airstream, indoors, featuring local art for sale, and mismatched vintage furniture; BREW has all the trappings of a hipster-approved coffee shop. As one of my most frequently visited spots and having watched a good portion of the show Friends, I would consider it to be my Central Perk, a warm and cozy place to gather, unlike the average cold and metallic shops on every other street corner.

4. Roasting Buddies

        Acting as the only local roaster in West Pembroke Pines, you can bet this location has caught the attention of many. Homey, in all the best ways, with seating from couches to long conference-like tables, and a menu ranging from an ever-so-perfected pour over to their “crazy shakes,” this family-friendly environment is just what the community has been waiting for.

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